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French Classes in Bangalore

One of the most widely spoken and powerful languages in the world, French stands next to ENGLISH as it is officially used in over 29 countries across the world. It is also one of the five official languages in the UN. 

Its reach can be estimated from the fact that it stands after English, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic. No less than 220 million people are said to speak French across the world. French is also one of the most important internationally known business, communication, and corporate languages.

Furthermore, the best language for travel to many countries around the world, French is easy to understand and learn.

The French language is best learned through a French language course in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services, which has distinguished itself as the leading Training Institutes providing French Classes in Bangalore. 

The French Language Training Consultants or Trainers at Elegant IT are highly qualified and experienced to deliver high-quality French Language Classes across Bangalore. They will teach you everything from French vocabulary to grammar, accents, phonetics, numbers, and social conversations.

As a pioneer in the field of IT/Non-IT Training in Bangalore, Elegant IT Services remains mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it interesting and motivating.


Attending a French language course in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services, you will learn everything from the basics to the advanced aspects of the French language. The focus centers on four main aspects – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

You will learn:

•    How to work on your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation;
•    How to expand your vocabulary;
•    How to speak French fluently;
•    French listening skills;
•    How to maximize your French learning;
•    How to use French in a spontaneous way, including usage of natural pauses;
•    How to debate with fellow people and make presentations in French; 
•    Ways to improve your French; and more.

You will be exposed to French words, phrases, and dialogues. Top emphasis will be on spoken communication and interaction, with real-life conversation practice sessions.

At the end of French classes in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services, you will acquire the confidence and poise to speak French fluently with accuracy; communicate and connect in diverse contexts; develop strategies to make your conversation more fluent; and more.

French Language Course Content and Syllabus, designed by the team of French Trainers at Elegant IT Services are based on Individuals requirements. By Joining Elegant IT Services, you will not only learn to speak French effectively but also increase your business Opportunities, as France is one of the biggest economies in the world.  

French classes near me at Elegant IT Services comes with options of regular training classes (day time classes), weekend training classes, and fast track training classes, all of which scheduled normally at a time that best suits you.  

Most importantly, the course fee for French classes in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services is economical and tailor-made based on training requirements. 

NOTE: Elegant IT Services also offers 

•    Online training through which you can access our tutorial Anywhere, Anytime, is extremely cost-effective.  Further, you also get a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning that not only effectively keeps you up-to-date, but interested as well.
•    Tailored made French language courses for Corporates. 

Simply put, Elegant IT Solutions is a complete One-Stop-Shop for all IT and Non-IT Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore.


FRANCE is one of the two biggest economies in EUROPE, and among the top 10 biggest economies in the world.

By undergoing a French language course in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services, you will not only get a boost in developing international relations but also get a great career boost with international organizations from the United Nations, to European Union, and so on. Furthermore, the French language is still widely in use in many African countries with a colonial French past, and as such, opportunities abound for French-speaking people in business, commerce, and investment sectors, in Africa.

As the 3rd most important business language, knowing the French language proficiently will help you in enhancing your career profile. Job opportunities await in sectors ranging from mass media to education, entertainment, tourism, information technology, fashion, arts and dance, outsourcing, and more. French companies and businesses mostly prefer to have skilled professionals who can also speak French fluently, with versatility.

You will also find a whole lot of career avenues opening-up, ranging from Translator & Interpreter to Research Analyst, Flight Attendant, Diplomat, French language Teacher / Trainer, and more. Furthermore, with the growing ties between India and France, evolving by the day, you will find healthy demand for French-speaking people in French companies based out of India, in IT, Engineering, Hospitality, Media, Tourism, and so on, industries.

Some top French origin companies working out of India include Saint Gobain, Schneider, Electric India, Sodexo Food Solutions, AIRBUS Group, BNP Paribas India Solutions, CWT India, Renault India, Roquette Riddhi Siddhi Pvt Ltd, Capgemini India, Pernod Ricard (Seagram), and more.

For more information and to schedule a free Demo on French Classes in Bangalore, contact Elegant IT Services @ +91 98865 41264

French Classes in Bangalore Elegant IT Services
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French Language Course Content


  • Establish contact with someone
  • Introduce self and others
  • Greet, congratulate, express condolences
  • Spell
  • Count
  • Exchange simple information on self, preferences, feelings, plans, dreams 
  • Ask for information
  • Tell the time
  • Advise, order, suggest
  • Buy, sell
  • Make a reservation


  • Nouns – gender and number
  • Articles – definite and indefinite, partitif, articles contractés
  • Pronouns – personal, relative(qui, que,où), y, en
  • Verbs – conjugation of regular and irregular verbes (affirmative and negative) in the
  • following tenses (indicative mood) – present, present continuous, simple future, immediate future, recent past, simple past, past continuous
  • Verbs – the imperative mood
  • Adjectives – numeric,qualitative, possessive, demonstrative, interrogative – gender and number
  • Adverbs – simple adverbs of time, place, quantity
  • Prepositions –  simple prepositions ( place, time)
  • Interrogation – interrogative words, interrogative phrases, inversion

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Course Features

French Language Course Duration in Bangalore

  • Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
    Duration : 30 Days
  • Weekend Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
    Duration : 8 Weeks
  • Fast Track Training Program( 5+ Hours Daily)
    Duration : Within 10 days

  • French Language Trainer Profile

    Our French Language Trainers in our Elegant IT Services

  • Has more than 8 Years of Experience.
  • Has worked on 3 realtime French Language projects
  • Is Working in a MNC company in Bangalore
  • Already trained 60+ Students so far.
  • Has strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

  • French Language Placements in Bangalore

    French Language Placement through Elegant IT Services

  • More than 5000+ students Trained
  • 87% percent Placement Record
  • 4627+ Interviews Organized

  • If you are looking for French Language course in Marathahalli, Whitefield, Varthur, Domlur, AECS Layout, Doddanekundi, Thubarahalli, Nagawara, Nagavara, Banaswadi, HBR Layout, RT Nagar or Hebbal. Please call us or mail your details and our concerned person will get back to you.


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