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Elegant IT Services distinguished itself as the leading C & C++ Training Institute in Bangalore. Our C & C++ Training Consultants or Trainers are highly qualified and Experienced to deliver high-quality C & C++ Training across Bangalore. 

Elegant IT Services is considered pioneer in the filed of IT/Non-IT Training in Bangalore. We are mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it intresting and motivating. we provide range of career oriented courses for different segments like students, job seekers and corporate citizens. 

Our team of certified experts have designed our C & C++ Training course content and syllabus based on current requirements from the industry. This enables them to be an Industry-Ready Professional, capable of handling majority of the real-world scenarios. Elegant IT Services also offer tailored made C & C++ Training courses for Corporates. 

Our C & C++ Training in Bangalore is scheduled normally at a time that best suites you, we offer regular training classes (day time classes), weekend training classes, and fast track training classes. Our C & C++ Training course fee is economical and tailor-made based on training requirement. Our team will make you confident & comfortable in cracking interviews. 

We also provide online training through which you can access our tutorial Anywhere, Anytime which is valuable and cost-effective. We provide a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning that not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well.  Its a One Stop Shop for all IT and Non IT Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore.

For more information and to schedule a free Demo on C & C++ Training, contact Elegant IT Services @ +91 98865 41264

C & C++ Training Course Content

C Programming Course Content               


  • What is C?          
  • Background       
  • Sample Program              
  • Components of a C Program      
  • Examples            
  • Data Types         
  • Variables            
  • Naming Conventions for C Variables      
  • Printing and Initializing Variables              
  • Array Examples
  • Compiling and Executing a C Program    


  • Examples of C Functions              
  • Functions           
  • sum Invoked from main               
  • Invoking Functions         
  • Elementary Operators  
  • The operator= Operators            
  • Operators          
  • The Conditional Operator            
  • Increment and Decrement Examples     
  • Increment and Decrement Operators   


  • Examples of Expressions             
  • if            
  • if else   
  • while    
  • for         
  • Endless Loops   
  • do while              
  • break and continue        
  • switch  
  • else if   


  • #define               
  • Macros
  • #include              
  • Conditional Compilation               
  • #ifdef   
  • #ifndef
  •  SIMPLE I/O       
  • Character I/O    
  • End of File          
  • Simple I/O Examples     
  • Simple I/O Redirection 
  • I/O with Character Arrays            


  • General               
  • Function Declarations   
  • Returning a Value or Not             
  • Function Prototypes      
  • Arguments and Parameters       
  • Organization of C Source Files   
  • Extended Example         
  • The getline Function      
  • The strcmp Function      
  • The check Function        
  • The atoi Function            
  • The average Function   
  • Summary            


  • Defining the Problem Space       
  • A Programming Example             
  • Bit Wise Operators         
  • Bit Manipulation Functions         
  • Circular Shifts    


  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Aggregate Operations  
  • String Functions               
  • Array Dimensions           
  • An Array as an Argument to a Function 
  • String Arrays     


  • Compiling Over Several Files      
  • Function Scope
  • File Scope           
  • Program Scope
  • Local static         
  • register and extern        
  • Object Files       
  • Libraries              
  • The C Loader     
  • Header File        

POINTERS (PART 1)        

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Pointer Operators and Operations          
  • Changing an Argument with a Function Call         
  • Pointer Arithmetic          
  • Array Traversal 
  • String Functions with Pointers   
  • Pointer Difference         
  • Prototypes for String Parameters            
  • Relationship Between an Array and a Pointer    
  • The Pointer Notation *p++         

POINTERS (PART 2)        

  • Dynamic Storage Allocation - malloc       
  • Functions Returning a Pointer   
  • Initialization of Pointers               
  • gets - a Function Returning a Pointer     
  • An Array of Character Pointers 
  • Two Dimensional Arrays vs. Array of Pointers    
  • Command Line Arguments         
  • Pointers to Pointers       
  • Practice with Pointers   
  • Function Pointers           


  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Describing a Structure   
  • Creating Structures        
  • Operations on Structures            
  • Functions Returning Structures
  • Passing Structures to Functions
  • Pointers to Structures   
  • Array of Structures         
  • Functions Returning a Pointer to a Structure      


  • typedef - New Name for an Existing Type            
  • Bit Fields             
  • unions 
  • Non-Homogeneous Arrays         
  • Enumerations   
  • FILE I/O               
  • System Calls vs. Library Calls       
  • Opening Disk Files          
  • fopen   
  • I/O Library Functions     
  • Copying a File   
  • Character Input vs. Line Input   
  • scanf    
  • printf    
  • fclose   
  • Servicing Errors - errno.h             
  • feof      


  • The stat Function            
  • File Existence    
  • Telling Time - time and ctime     
  • Telling Time – localtime


  • A Database Application
  • The menu Function        
  • The fwrite Function       
  • The create_db Function               
  • The fread Function         
  • The print_db Function  
  • fseek    
  • The retrieve_db Function           
  • fflush and ftell  


  • strstr    
  • strchr, strrchr    
  • system
  • strtok   
  • strspn, strcspn 
  • Math Functions               
  • Character Testing Functions       
  • Exit and atexit  
  • Signal   
  • memcpy and memset   
  • qsort    
  • Binary Search – bsearch               


  • Important Header Files
  • printf Formats  
  • C Reserved Words          
  • Conversion        

  • Precedence Chart            

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C & C++ Training Course Duration in Bangalore

Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Duration : 30 Days
Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Duration : 8 Weeks
Fast Track Training Program( 5+ Hours Daily)
  • Duration : Within 10 days

C & C++ Training Trainer Profile

Our C & C++ Training Trainers in our Elegant IT Services
  • Has more than 8 Years of Experience.
  • Has worked on 3 realtime C & C++ Training projects
  • Is Working in a MNC company in Bangalore
  • Already trained 60+ Students so far.
  • Has strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

C & C++ Training Placements in Bangalore

C & C++ Training Placement through Elegant IT Services
  • More than 5000+ students Trained
  • 87% percent Placement Record
  • 4627+ Interviews Organized

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