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Best RPA Training Institutes in Bangalore

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to the assimilation of programming with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to handle high-volume repetitive tasks performed by humans. Using technology in the form of software, RPA can automate rule-based tasks and business processes by mimicking human behavior that is repetitive in nature like processing transactions, interpreting applications, entering data, estimations, upkeep of records, and exchanges, and more.

RPA can be in different forms, and also can be highly-customized for particular types of processes to automate parts of a process, or if not the whole of the process. It can also be off-the-shelf but designed for a specific industry.
By automating repetitive tasks, RPA helps organizations to focus on higher-value tasks rather than getting embroiled in repetitive tasks.

According to a McKinsey report, around 45% of the human activities can be automated. In some cases, even the tasks of the highest-paying jobs like Doctors, Financial Managers, and the CEO, can be automated. 

Leading RPA Training Institute in Bangalore, Elegant IT Services offers a comprehensive RPA course in Bangalore, taught by highly-qualified and experienced PYTHON Training Consultants or Trainers, well-equipped to deliver high-quality RPA Training across Bangalore. 

RPA Training in Bangalore at Elegant IT will help you become familiar with all aspects of the RPA and its concepts from RPA Bots to Text Automation & Image Automation; various Automation Tools and Services; and so on. By the end of Robotic Process Automation Training in Bangalore at Elegant IT, you will acquire hands-on experience on all RPA concepts and their real-time implementations.

RPA Training in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services is suitable for Test Automation Engineers and Anyone who wishes to make a career out of RPA.

As a pioneer in the field of IT/Non-IT Training in Bangalore, Elegant IT Services remains mainly focused on revolutionizing learning by making it interesting and motivating. 


RPA course in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services will cover all aspects of RPA, from the basics to the advanced. You will get to learn and understand RPA and its concepts; Usability and application on varied tools like Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UI Path; Designing an RPA Solution using automation tools; How to Debug and handle the exceptions; Triggering responses; How to perform Imaging and Text Automation; How to perform DATA Manipulation; Creating RPA Bots; and more.

At the end of the Robotic Process Automation Training in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services, you will be well-positioned to, Automate business functionalities using RPA; Use RPA across the organization; Implement RPA Functions; and more. You will also be well-equipped to develop skills in cost-efficiencies among various RPA solutions; manage RPA solutions to get outstanding results; perform and control various tasks using RPA bots; and successfully implement RPA solutions. In short, you will be well-placed to understand the challenges and risks when implementing RPA AND become an expert in automating multiple business tasks that are tedious and time-consuming.

RPA course in Bangalore at Elegant IT is conducted by our team of certified experts. Furthermore, you also get access to RPA course content and syllabus for Classroom and Online Training, curated by the experts, in line with the current requirements of the industry. 

The well-defined RPA in Bangalore at Elegant IT will help you with insights into all aspects of RPA and how it can be leveraged to bring maximum business benefits. Well-formulated exercises will further help cement your knowledge about RPA and how best it can be applied in varied scenarios. All of these will allow you to become an Industry-Ready Professional, capable of handling the majority of the real-world scenarios. 

RPA Training in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services comes with options of regular training classes (day time classes), weekend training classes, and fast track training classes, all of which scheduled normally at a time that best suits you. You will also be made to feel confident and comfortable by our experts in cracking interviews. 

Most importantly, the RPA course at Elegant IT Services is economical and tailor-made based on training requirements, in line with industry-standards. What more, you also get to acquire a quality RPA Certification, from a respectable institute, that’s widely recognized.

NOTE: Elegant IT Services also offers 

•    RPA Online training through which you can access our tutorial Anywhere, Anytime, is extremely cost-effective.  Further, you also get a captivating interactive environment with dynamic content, e-Learning that not only effectively keeps you up-to-date, but interested as well.
•    Tailored made RPA training courses for Corporates. 

Join today and now, Elegant IT Services, among the best-of-its kind RPA Training Institutes in Bangalore, AND a complete One-Stop-Shop for all IT and Non-IT Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore.


According to FORRESTER, the RPA market is expected to touch a whopping US$ 2.9 billion by 2021. Likewise, a GARTNER 2018 report predicted that the Robotic Process Automation market will likely grow 63.1% worldwide, making it one of the fastest and highest growing segments in the global enterprise software market.
Most of the digital transformation efforts across the world in sectors ranging from Banking to Insurance, Telecom, and more, will be driven by RPA adoption. Some of the biggest names adopting RPA include IBM, MICROSOFT, SAP, DELL, Accenture, Walmart, AMERICAN Express, AT&T, etc, to name a few, all of whom are leveraging RPA to enhance their growth and scale their business reach.

Doing an RPA course in Bangalore at Elegant IT Services would equip you with the requisite skills and knowledge about RPA and how best it can be harnessed for the betterment of business growth and productivity. Career job roles would open up ranging from Developer to Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Consultant, Production Managers, Process Designers, to name a few. In addition, there are also career roles of RPA tech writers, a field with plenty of possibilities.

The future for RPA looks exceedingly bright. With the number of industries rapidly automating organizational tasks, Organisations will up their demand for skilled certified RPA professionals with the ability to extract the best out of RPA and harness it for maximum business benefits.
Those with exceptional skills and knowhow can expect to earn US$ 1, 54,000 per annum, with senior solution architects around US$ 1, 41,000 annually.

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Best RPA Training Institutes in Bangalore Elegant IT Services
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RPA Training Course Content


  • RPA overview
  • RPA value proposition
  • RPA Tool vendor landscape
  • Why Blue Prism
  • Business Cases for Blue Prism Deployment
  • The Purpose and Benefits of Deploying Blue Prism
  • Job opportunity with RPA
  • Blue Prism Technology Overview
  • How Blue Prism Works
  • Blue Prism Architecture
  • Blue Prism operating Model

 Installing Blue Prism

  • Running a Process
  •  Basic Skills
  • Process Validation
  • Decision Stage
  • Calculation Stage
  • Data Items 
  • Process Flow
  • Circular Paths
  • Controlling Play
  • Set Next Stage
  • Breakpoints
  • Collections and Loops

Advanced Features

  • Undefined Collections
  • Data Item Initialisation
  • Data Item Exposure
  • Casting.
  • Run Mode
  • Initialise and Clean-up
  • Attribute Match Types
  • Dynamic Attributes
  • Active Accessibility
  • Application Manager Mode
  • Global Clicks and Keys
  • Credentials 
  • Automating Other Application Types
  • Mainframe Applications
  • Java Applications
  • Match Index and Match Reverse
  • Surface Automation
  • Using Control Room
  • Work Queues Management
  • Session Management
  • Scheduler

Files and Folders Management

  • Create Directory
  • Check Directory Exists
  • Create Folders
  • Verify folder exists
  • Copy and Move Files
  •  Read Files from Folders
  •  Filter Files types and Extract data 

RPA Training Interview Questions

List the different types of tools in RPA.

Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere
Work Fusion

How do you invoke a UiPath workflow?

Workflows are small pieces of common automation that are reusable and applicable in multiple scenarios. They are used to automate similar processes. You can invoke a workflow using “Invoke Workflow” function in UiPath and save it as a template. You can also combine two workflows to make it combined automation

What is Citrix automation?

Citrix automation is used to automate process such as filling fields in form and submitting the form in a virtual desktop application. You can use processes such as data entry form filling using Citrix automation.

How do you do screen scraping in RPA?

Screen scraping is an essential component of RPA toolkit, it is used to capture bitmap data from the screen and cross verifies it with stored information to decipher it.

List the benefits of Screen scraping.

Works on application elements that are not accessible through code or UI frameworks.
Text digitization through Optical character recognition (OCR).
Easy to implement & mostly accurate.

Course Features

RPA Training Course Duration in Bangalore

  • Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
    Duration : 30 Days
  • Weekend Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
    Duration : 8 Weeks
  • Fast Track Training Program( 5+ Hours Daily)
    Duration : Within 10 days

  • RPA Training Trainer Profile

    Our RPA Training Trainers in our Elegant IT Services

  • Has more than 8 Years of Experience.
  • Has worked on 3 realtime RPA Training projects
  • Is Working in a MNC company in Bangalore
  • Already trained 60+ Students so far.
  • Has strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge

  • RPA Training Centers

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  • RPA Training Placements in Bangalore

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